Diablo 2 Resurrected - Awesome remaster

They remastered Starcraft and that went well, maybe not as huge of a deal. I just hope they learned from Warcraft 3 and do D2 right. Love the game

Blizzard used to support Mac.
Why isn’t this on Mac too?

My disappointment is for the lack of Support for Mac.
So far every “new” game even tho it brags about playing on the platform YOU choose they all say “Not available on macOS”

Why has this been the mindset ever since Overwatch.
Why? If you can run these on Switch, PS and Xbox can’t you do a port for your long term fans that have been playing on Mac for SO MANY YEARS.

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They mentioned this being played and supported cross gen. I sure hope they are able to make this playable on my phone.

Looking forward to the game. The deep dive panel was really interesting when they talked about the solution on rendering the new graphics on top of the old game.

My ? for DII Resurrected is i still have my cd key to Dii and DII LOD and are linked to my blizzard account for the longsest time. Is there a way to upgrade them to the Resurrected version of the game. I have had DII since Day one and love the game.

Everyone is saying that it ISNT coming out for Mac! Sooo disappointing. If you have an M1 Mac your totally screwed because you can’t even bootcamp it. Blizzard has really lost their core principles. They began as a Mac developer. Its in their DNA. Its sad how much they are changing if that’s true.

Oh well no more support for mac lol. Mac sucks. overpriced bs. You could be a linux user and have hardly no support unless a fan updates wine to work with the latest patches, and to rub salt on the wound blizzard, I believe, builds their games with Linux to begin with lol.

They learned from their mistake. They announced the game with more than 1 year of development, why did the team counter it this year?