Diablo 2 Resurrected - Awesome remaster

I’d have logged on and bought it right now if it was available. Hopefully it’s not too far away. Played through D2 last year anyway just to relive the fun.


if the past remastered have taught me anything, it’s to wait until release (or till reviews are out).


Did anyone catch the Alpha webpage link? Ive been playing Diablo since i was 7 years old (don’t tell blizzard) and i NEED to be involved in the Alpha process!!

You are excited about Diablo 2 remastered??? Their first remastered game went oh so well…

Warcraft 3 Reforged Reviews
Positive: 510
Mixed: 142
Negative: 13,460


Dont think sitting in past flops and expecting a failure is what we should be doing. Should be hopeful that they can LEARN from the mistakes of the first remaster and grow a better game from there.


It says it will be on PC but I assume Mac as well? They have always had Mac versions of Diablo.


It’s almost sad that I am more excited for Diablo remaster than either 4 or immortal. Blizzard has lost its way.

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Cope I feel that the gameplay should have taken more of a D2 feel than a D3 feel. Right now, I feel that D4 has a D3 fighting and adventure feel, where as I was hoping for more of a Diablo 1 or Diablo 2 feel. They have the coding for it right there, VV is providing it to them. Maybe D5?

No Spike, not D5. We haven’t waited 20 years to look forward to D5. What we get is Diablo 2 with new graphics, yet they can’t even fix the things they screwed up D2 with patch 1.10. It’s because the people working on this new installment of Diablo don’t even understand the things that made Diablo great.

If there’s 21:9 support right off the bat, I’ll be super happy. No idea if it’s even possible, but I can dream!

@CuttingEdge - I am not sitting in the past but I am expecting a failure. Look at the “current” state of Warcraft 3 Reforged. All you need to know about how Diablo 2 Remastered will turn out. My hope is with the original Blizzard crew who left and formed Dreamhaven.

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Hey!, D2:R looks awesome !!! and remastered in 4K too on PC! I have only 2 questions. It’s any plan to release D2:R in Box Edition for PC??? or only digital??? I wanna make asap pre order so please answer :slight_smile: Second worse for me heh for run D2:R really I need Win 10??? will works too on Win7 ? Please for answer. THX !! and when I can pre order D4 !!

I’m looking forward to this remaster. There was a question he forgot to ask though: Will it be modable?

They stated very clearly in the panels that they learned from the mistakes of WC3 remastered and planned to avoid the same mistakes with D2 Remastered.

TBH I am super excited and everything i saw in the panels so far has me excited

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will we get a Diablo Clone HOT IP Tracker?

If you’ve played Crash and Tony hawk remasters then you know this will do just fine. The starcraft remaster was good too. Wc3 reforged is still broken but its graphics are also upgraded nicely.

It looks good, however I dont think it represents good value for money.

Personally I will be waiting until its alot cheaper. (probably 50% less that current price)

You can already pre-order the game! It looks amazing and I cannot wait to get right back into Diablo II!!! Home run right here Blizzard! You are practically printing money!! Brrrr.

They lost Blizzard North which was the problem, they were great! Glad they at least brought back Diablo II which was the golden age of the ARPG genre and my childhood. Instantly dropped $60 on the prime evil package.

Nah its done by same guys who remastered tony hawk and crash bandicoot from activision for sure. This one will be way more better than wc3 remaster.