Dear Blizzard - Diablo Immortal


I have a solution for you to fix this backlash for Diablo Immortal.

  1. Run it like Hearthstone. Port it to PC and have all your unlocks carried over to the mobile. That would give your core fans something to play until Diablo 4.

  2. If you run the game as a service don’t give us loot boxes. I buy your items when I can see what I am buying. Show me the skin and I will buy it.

  3. For the other players (your original target audience) if they only play on mobile then micro transaction them as much as you want. Namely the Chinese and younger players only playing on mobile.

This would fix the issue you are facing now. You did it with hearthstone why not Diablo Immortal? Give your core fans the ones who helped you reach the financial level you are now a bone to chew until Diablo 4.

Your welcome.


This doesn’t do anything for the backlash, really. Most Diablo fans do not want a PC port of a mobile game created by a Chinese cash grab company. We want a game designed for PC.


The problem isn’t that Diablo Immortal is only playable on Mobile, as a matter of fact you can use emulator suchs Bluestacks or NOX to play Android games on PC, with support for 60 FPS and of course mapping keys.
The problem is that the Diablo team failed to reach us the fans with this.
Because of the higher brass that wants to introduce the mobile game to eastern region for a steady income, we got very upset as if we had a knife struck in behind our backs.
I don’t blame the Diablo team, I blame Activision and the CEO of Blizzard to fail to see that we, a fact about myself I grew up on this game. I was born in 92, and had my first PC when went to 2nd Grade, you do the math.


I was born in 76 and played every Blizzard game at launch. Loved the Diablo series since the first one. They should have thought about their core audience. I wouldn’t mind some filler content while waiting for Diablo 4. If they would have handled it correctly like Bethesda did with Fallout Shelter it wouldn’t have been an issue.


yep it’s the issue that mobile games are synonym of moneygrabbing and poor quality for watered down content compared to what you can get on pc/ console, it’s sad for me to see this happening because this is not just hurting the CEO’s in a way but also might become issue with pulling the plug on diablo alltogether and maybe new or interesting things will be avoided in fear of another failure in case diablo 4 will be released/ teased in next year or so. Sadly this backlash is something that they maybe needed to happen to step back and reconsider what is their primary goal, not many days before the blizzcon i was telling friend that whatever Blizzar did usually ended up as really good content later on after patches and it’s fun to play for specific type of people and after you play a game once there is reason to return to it. I will give blizzard benefit of doubt even though i really hate this announcement that they can pull it out and make this game worth playing on mobile with not overtoxic pay to win. but i really want to see fully fledged diablo game for pc or console (pc preffered) that will also bring back that dark outlook and dark theme of diablo 2 instead of shiny look of diablo 3. aanyway to juggle out of this it would be easier for them to tease diablo 4 and expected date for reveal, that might eb able to reduce the damage.


Im upset in every possiable way. I feel like the Diablo fans have been more than understanding and have happily waited for years and years for a new PC Diablo game and yes alot of us assumed this year would be the year for D4. We got used and stabbed in the back thats how it feels, the guys on top want a mobile game sure have at it but give us what we deserve first. Did Diablo 3 sell well? Has Blizzard made billions of dollars off of us fans without much backlash so far? Why is that? Answer these quistions please because honestly i think Blizzard has the best community out there. How was Blizzard created? Fans who believed in the games you created so we purchased them over and over. We litteraly made Blizzard into a Juggernaught why? because you were making games for the fans that were masterpeices. This is the type of mistake that ruins a gaming company, look at EA and their publicity as of late. Blizzard is the one company i trusted over all others and i 100% felt let down by how and what you guys did and honestly i don’t know if you can ever make up for it.


That isn’t the issue here.
Since D3 came out, and the Expansion of Reaper of Souls ( I don’t know if Necro even counts as Expansion at this point), Diablo fans didn’t get a continuation to the franchise, Diablo Immortal is set as a timeline between D2 and D3.
What Blizzard failed to foresee is the backlash of announcing only a mobile title and not a successor.
They should learn from Bethesda a few things, heck they announced their new Elder Scrolls game with a picture with a name of the franchise, not even a title, at that point people were excited rather than angry.
Blizzard should’ve noticed the backlash of their mobile game when they announced it at the beginning, if only they wait " We know you wait for a successor, we are working on it, but sadly we are not there yet",
These comforting words would’ve been enough


I agree but most of what Blizzard creates is still pretty good. I am willing to give Diablo Immortal a chance when it releases. I just hope it is monetized to death. It would be nice to have it listed ke the same system that Hearthstone is. Both on PC and mobile. I think more fans would like to play on PC.

I really like some kind f the mechanics in the game. Like a cross of D2 and D3. I think they are hurting themselves not marketing to their core PC audience.


Fallout shelter is success in my opinion, free on STEAM, PS4, XBOX.
Although we are disappointed by the announcement I don’t think you should give up on the franchise, I feel we do make it a bigger thing than we see it though.
But their handling of the situation is really not only unfair towards the community but to fans in-general.
If only Blizzard could foresee that a mobile game that is set between D2 and D3 to explain is not enough.
If they only said the sweet words " we are working actively on a successor ".


You can play on a PC, just download Bluestacks Emulator and you can emulate android games 60 fps on the PC


I would rather have an official version on the PC not some workaround hack that will probably look horrible.


Nah, trust me it won’t, as a matter of fact it may even be better, Bluestacks enables Rendering via your GPU, support upscalling. and It ain’t a workaround hack, there are some games that I play on mobile but don’t want to overwork my battery. so I use my PC


I would still rather have an official version nonetheless.


Sadly we had an announcement that it wouldn’t happen


yea that one was like salt to wound.


guys its a mobile game… WE DO NOT WANT IT ON OUR PCS!!! ITS TRASH MADE BY A TRASH, I hope it does have loot boxes because it will fit in with how bad this is, DIABLO FAN SINCE d1 what do I want……… Diablo 2 remaster or diablo 4, I don’t want a d3 expansion but hell that would have made me happy… THIS MOBILE GAME ( I was actually UPSET, GUTTED) we hear wc3 remaster is coming but the diablo fans get bombed with a mobile game…… there was no place to announce this rubbish but if there was a place… IN ASIA where they might actually care. " is this a out of season April fools joke" don’t tell me you didn’t all want to hear this guy say this…… its a embarrassment A MOBILE GAME!!!



So, i played the Diablo Immortal demo at Blizzcon 2018 and its just an average mobile game. It might be a better experience when it releases but its nothing like a “true Diablo experience”. Like, the game is painted with DIablo 3 art style with the controls from an average ARPG mobile game (mobile games like Dungeon Hunter 5 and Endless of God). Personally, I always thought to myself that Diablo 3 art style was never as epic as Diablo 2 (especially the music). I already have an idea how the controls on Diablo Immortal could be better. Like, using hand gestures to draw a circle on the touch screen for whirlwind (like in the mobile game Eternium). Honestly, all i ever wanted from Blizzard is a “true Diablo experience” (not Diablo 3, that game was slightly above average in my opinion). Diablo 2 Remake would of been the best announcement - I miss the epic music, dark theme, and mature content in Diablo 2. As for game-play/controls, I’m sure there are more clever ways to approach that than a mobile phone.


imagine partnering up with a chinese game ripping off company that also ripped off your own game for a decade, im surprised there was no backslash until now tbh.

best part is that this diablo rip off title is a pile of garbage nothing like a blizzard product but the only reason it exists is to cash grab in china since they play and offer all their money on just about anything.

netease HAD to develop this to pass the chinese law of selling their game in china, so here we are with a garbage diablo rip off, im excited to see how p2w it will be.


Why not just make diablo immortal into an expansion for diablo 3 since its adding new dungeons, new monsters and new abilities. It could benefit console players and pc players since theres no news on diablo 4


I kind of feel like I’m watching one of those DC Universe shows like the Flash. It gets really good then you have to watch another show just to finish part of the story, but the other part of the story has to be watched through a viewfinder. Sure it’s entertainment but is it really worth it after putting so much time and energy into a better product? We all understand it’s about money but these bought out publishers have forgotten that they make the BIG DOLLARS on quality not quantity. Need to really take notes from their predecessors because these guys don’t know da wae…