D2 Ressurected Prime Evil Collection

So, in order to get the items for D3 you have to buy the D2 Resurrected Prime Evil edition which gives you D3 and the expansions. If you already own D3 you don’t need it again.
Is there no way to pay for an upgraded Resurrected to get the D3 items without paying for D3 again? Is that the cost of Resurrected and the items and D3 is thrown in free? If so, is D3 given as a code so that it can be gifted away?

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There is an upgrade version available that gives you D2 Resurrected and the D3 cosmetic items, if you already own the D3 Eternal Collection. The upgrade costs $10 more than the standard D2 Resurrected, vs the $20 extra that the Prime Evil Collection costs over the base D2 Resurrected price.

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I’m not seeing that specific info. This is the only thing I can find.
“The Diablo® Prime Evil Collection contains Diablo® II: Resurrected™, Diablo® III: Eternal Collection, and the Mephisto pet and Hatred’s Grasp wings for Diablo® III.”
But if the $49.99 Prime evil collection upgrade is the one I need I’ll get that.

thank you!

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That’s odd. Do you have everything from D3? Meaning RoS and the Necromancer pack? If you don’t have, say, the Necromancer pack then maybe the upgrade doesn’t show for your account.

The price points for me were:

$39.99 D2:R
$49.99 D2:R and D3 cosmetic items (upgrade)
$59.99 D2:R and full D3 suite with cosmetic items

If you’re getting the $49.99 option, that matches what was listed as an upgrade for me. You’ll get an achievement in D3 that awards the two items.


Yeah I had everything prior. I bought the upgrade and it seems to have only given me D2 Res and the items. Thanks for the help!