Copy of BlizzCon Store Receipt?

Hey there,

I was a BlizzCon attendee and was able to purchase the Bolvar print from the store. Sadly, I had to ship the item to my home via FedEx and it arrived damaged.

Needless to say, I am filing a claim but I cannot for the life of me find my receipt which shows the purchase of this print. Is there any way I can get another copy of it somehow?

Check your email that is where i got mine sent. Perhaps check your spam/trash folder.

Nope, there is nothing there.

Try logging into blink shopping again and clicking “My Orders” at the top and it should be listed there. I was able to see mine from this year and last year.

I didn’t use the blink shopping. I waited in the normal shop line. I used a credit card to make the payment however instead of cash.

should be able to use the info from your credit card. it should say where it was bought from who and when

Yeah though I am needing the actual receipt that shows that I paid the amount specifically for the print. Something to show the actual retail value of it.

I know there are a few images floating around of the store catalog and such with the newly revealed items on it that may/may not help. If FedEx is requiring an actually receipt you could try emailing but I wouldn’t get my hopes up and I think they wouldn’t be able to provide it.

This would be my suggestion and caveat as well. They may not be able to provide a copy of the receipt without the order number associated with the purchase. But if there is some other option available, they would know.

Yeah, I went ahead and emailed them, just waiting on a response back. I can see it being nearly impossible to track had I paid with cash but fortunately I used my check card. Thanks all for the help ahead of time!

On the bright side, I am still stoked I got print number 264/300. Odd number you may think but it’s actually the same number the item level used for ICC 25 man loot back in the day! (I know, I am such a nerd.)

But yeah, I am so upset after seeing what FedEx did to this print :frowning: Was perfectly fine when I took it in and when I got it, it’s creased to all hell and no way of saving it.

If you have a framer locally, bring it in and have them take a look. I’ve had some miracles worked by good framers only regards to folds and small tears.

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