Contingency plan for cell phone jammers/DDOS attacks?


Hi, I’m not condoning the use of cell phone jammers or other illegal activities AT ALL, but I’m curious if the AXS app will work if it can’t connect to the Internet for whatever reason. If it can’t… wow, this seems like it could be problematic in all sorts of ways.

Start thinking of contingency plans now, Blizzard! I’m sure I’m not the only person who thought of this five minutes after the backlash regarding the spyware began.


Depending on how it’s stored, the ticket in the app may be like any other digital ticket (e.g. those found in iOS Wallet) where you’d initially need a connection to get the ticket, but once it’s there it’s accessible without an internet connection.

That being said, you’re speaking of a highly unlikely hypothetical situation. If people were going to use such methods they could’ve and would’ve done so in past BlizzCons wherein many peopled used the email barcode to get the badge onsite rather than printing out the barcode.


Movie Theaters do this kind of ticketing on a daily basis, I assume we shall survive since we seem to manage it in other areas of life.


Movie theater tickets operate off of one static bar/qr code that is generated at the time of purchase (how blizzcon used to work) not a code that resets itself every 60 seconds. Most people when going to the moives bring up their code before they enter the theater or just take a screen capture of the code to insure a quick and easy access to it regardless of the network situation in the theater.

Instead you will have thousands of people in the one hall that is underground at the Anaheim Convention center constantly trying to ping AXS through their crappy app to get a working qr code. Yeah, this situation is very different than a movie and has way more room for error which you can bet will happen. Expect massive lines at the solutions desk.


Last year the Download music festival went to a digital system like ASX. You had no choice but to use the app. The network crashed on the first day and people were left unable to buy anything… Not even beer! So it happens…


There is already going to be a “solutions desk” to resolve anyone who cant load their digital ticket (whether it be due to a dead phone or other problems). Please note, I anticipate that in order to avoid an extremely long wait, you should make every possible effort to redeem your badge from your phone rather than going to the solutions desk. Also remember that once you have your physical badge the need for the digital ticket or AXS app will no longer be required.