Confirm it or Cancel it

I have only ever missed 2 blizzcons. I am very lucky. Everything is getting cancelled this year. Overwatch just said they are cancelling the events in March and April because of the virus.

Just save us the drama and either confirm or cancel it. Everyone has to make hotel reservations already, and if you haven’t you are late to the game. Airline tickets though have gone down in price, nobody wants to fly. Honestly, I don’t want people from other countries flying in. With such a convention, organization etc… the regular flu is worse btw, but everyone out there buying toilet paper because ??? They are idiots is the correct answer.

Just confirm what you are doing, I understand it will be in October months away, but if everything before that is getting cancelled, then just do it so we can make arrangements for or for something else.

I would be careful saying the regular flu is worse, most medical experts will disagree with that. Perhaps if we get a vaccine circulated or drugs to combat the virus it will become of little concern.

The only reason people keep saying the flu is worse is because the flu is more widespread, if this coronavirus were to be just as widespread, the math shows a lot more people would die from it.

I’ve been to 6 Blizzcons and I do really enjoy going, but I’m torn on whether to get tickets this year (if there is one). I would hope we would get a full refund should it be schedule and later cancelled, but there are also possible travel fees I may lose out on.