Closing Entertainment

I’m very confused. I could not be around for the closing entertainment because of a family commitment - no problem I thought - I would watch it later. However it is not accessible on the VOD. When I purchased the Virtual Ticket did I miss an asterisk and fine print saying that the closing entertainment would NOT be available on the VOD. I mean - I paid $65 CND - surely you have the closing entertainment as VODs as well, yes?

Maybe they are not linked on the schedule page? Where I can I find them?

Also - the SC2 finals and the OW finals are NOT linked on the schedule page. Come on - that is easiest - most spoiler free way to watch. What is going on?


Yea, I’m wondering the exact same thing.
Would also like to check out the closing entertainment, as well as the last blocks of Starcraft.

Found the vods, you can find them if you go to the watch tab. But doing that spoiled the final for me :confused: Would’ve been a lot better if you could just start them from the schedule.

Getting creative since I can’t post the full links.
blizzcon .com /en-us/

and add parts below for the vods

Quarter finals block

Semi finals block

Grand finals block

Closing entertainment - Glitch Mob

Closing entertainment - Haywyre

Same thing here. Disappointed Blizzard. Always could play everything from the schedule on demand after. I hope this was just a glitch to be fixed.

Yep! I posted in another thread but will comment here as well - the esports VODs have now all been linked to their schedule slots. Apologies for the trouble! Thanks for letting us know about it :slight_smile:

So a response to a question in my post, but not the topic of my post? This is a question that other people have asked and needs a response.

Where are the VODs for the closing entertainment? The Mythic Stage Content was free and the SC2 VODs are available for free on the Starcraft Esports Youtube channel. I ended up paying $65 CDN for an Episode of the Pylon show? I have Dan - but that is a bit of a rip off - yes? (Bought the Virtual Ticket for SC2 content).

The closing entertainment VODs have been available for the last couple of days - and could be found in the Watch section of the BlizzCon site and mobile app (Glitch Mob, Haywyre).

Similar to the esports VODs, they were posted but had not been linked to their schedule blurb. As with the esports VODs, that was fixed and you can now also navigate to them using the Schedule page.

Actually - it has not been fixed from the schedule. You cannot access from the schedule. Rather you get this message “The Glitch Mob closes out BlizzCon from the Mythic stage! Join us in person, or watch online LIVE with the Virtual Ticket.” Does not mention the VOD at all - hence the confusion.

I did eventually find them on the Watch tab.

That is odd Sedawk. When I go to the schedule, I see a Play button on the Closing Entertainment slot (for both Glitch Mob, and Haywyre). Clicking on the Play button takes me to the VOD.

Clicking on the slot in general opens a pop-up with the description you mention, but there’s also a Play button in the bottom center of that pop-up which takes me to the VOD.

If you haven’t yet, try Ctrl-F5 to fully refresh the page you’re looking at and see if that helps.

Glad you did find them elsewhere though!

Is there no VoD for Fitz & the Tantrums?

No, sorry there is not.