Chromecast support

Would love chromecast support in the app! Please give thumbs up if you agree to get the product owners to bump up the prio


Would too! the announcement said the app would have it, buy i guess it’s not implemented yet…


Didn’t find chromecast feature in the app. When it will be available?

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I also saw in the video that Chromecast support will be added to the app and I was hoping it will be added for this year??

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Sooo. Blizzcon is quickly approaching… Still no Chromecast support in the app. Still hoping!


I am hoping too. Any word on this topic? I sent a tweet hoping for a responses.

Would really like to know, lack of support makes this a pain to stream to my living room every year.

Edit: Ok, it looks like the web player supports it on desktop, so that’s good. Mobile app still appears to be missing support.

I was able to send Virtual Ticket videos from Chrome on my phone to Chromecast, but yeah… the ideal thing would be to be able to do so from the BlizzCon app.

Chromecast is still planned for the app in a future update. I don’t have any specifics to share right now, but I did want to confirm this has not been forgotten :slight_smile:


Rally your allies and meet up for a celebration of truly epic proportions. Stream live video to your living room, serve up legendary snacks, and host your own private BlizzCon viewing party surrounded by your closest friends in the comfort of your own home.

Assuming chromecast support won’t be included for this year’s BlizzCon - given this quote from the official website, how do you propose streaming live video to my living room TV?

I got a Update for the BlizzCon App. 4.1.0
Chromecast Support added. (I don‘t know the right English Text. I am german.)

IOS 12.0.1

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Woot! Yes, an update went out today for the app that should add Chromecast support. Due to the way app stores update, it may still be a few hours before everyone sees the update available.


Hello! is ther a tuto somewhere explaingin how to do it? I can chromecast youtube on my ps4 but can’t seem to be able to do it with the blizzcon app…

Hi Kalviery,

Both videos and live streams don’t seem to work very well with the Chromecast/iOS option from the Blizzcon app. The system sees my Chromecast but asks for the Chromecast PIN unlike other apps, and most of the time it will connect but immediately disconnect (sometimes, videos will actually play, I’ve never had success with livestreams.)

I tried again on today’s 4.1.1 update and saw no improvement. Is this a known issue? Tech support had me try some things and we’re out of ideas.


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I have the same problems