Celebration collection (pc)

Hi Blizzard , I haven’t received the code to obtain my items do i need to wait longer for it?

When you purchase the Celebration Collection from the Battlenet Shop, the items are automatically granted to your Blizzard account. There is no code to redeem.

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I haven’t gotten them yet ?

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If you’re on console have you linked your BNET account to your console account?

Lee is correct. If you’re referring to the Reinhard skin for Overwatch specifically and you play on a console then you would want to link your console account to your Blizzard account.*

For PC games, the content is added automatically**

*Diablo® III items available in PC version only. To redeem Overwatch® items on consoles, players must link their Blizzard® account with their console account.
**Overwatch® skin, portrait, and spray and StarCraft® portraits will be in-game no later than February 18, 2021; Diablo® III in-game items will be in-game no later than February 28, 2021.
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If buying the console store version of the celebration collection will the rein skin be available on my PC account as well???

No, the console version is specifically for console accounts.

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Then why does the pc bundle give it to players across all accounts?(only speaking about the Raynhardt skin, I know the diablo is console only as the pc version for the diablo stuff is PC only. )

Blizzard account linking is a push system, designed to send items earned by the Blizzard account to the linked console accounts.

Example: Earning drops on Twitch. These are awarded to your Blizzard account first, and then if you happen to have a console account linked to it the rewards will be passed along.

The link does not pull information from your console account (XBox Live, PlayStation Network…) it only pushes information to it. So things you acquire on your console account does not deliver items to a Blizzard account.

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Ahh I see, so I take it blizzard would do it if possible but it’s a matter of console preventing that process atm, probably why we don’t have cross progression for other cosmetics as well I take it?

Hi Blizz , I didn’t get any email for The Celebration Collection 15% Off Code. How do I go about getting that?

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It would have been nice if we could have selected when to activate the WoW game time. I’m not a regular WoW player, but apparently the 30 days was started immediately on purchase. I would have much preferred to activate it at a later date when I might actually play. As it stands, it will be wasted. :frowning: