Can't watch SC2 Semi and final?

Hi I watched the quarter finals live, then had to go out. But was planning to watch the semi and the final later.
I know it can take a bit of time before it is available, but they happened yesterday and I still cannot watch the semi and the final of the WCS?!

Is this just broken for me, or does no one have access to them yet? How long until I can watch them.


Im also having the exact same issues


Same - wth? I’ve got folks coming over for an all day marathon today and they’re not posted yet!?! That was Friday!

EDIT: I should add whilst they haven’t time to add them to their own platform they’ve apparently had plenty of time to pull copies from Youtube

Same here, cant believe they cant get the vods online in time. was too afraid to look for other vods for the tournament cause i didnt want to spoil myself but after 2 days of waiting its enough.

here is the twitch link to the first semi final. have fun mates.

words can not describe the frustration paying 40 bucks and not being able to see the vods after 2 days.

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I wish it’s $65CDN :cold_sweat:

Hey folks, I’m not sure I’m understanding the issue - I am seeing the SC2 WCS VODs on the Virtual Ticket website.

Have you all tried using the site filters to show only StarCraft esports?

If I am misunderstanding the issue, I apologize.

I was using the official blizzcon website / the blizz launcher to navigate through the timetable. as you see… every block has a play button and you can watch the VOD from there except the sc2 semifinal / final.

would love to add a screen here but i am not allowed to add one anymore


If you’d like to share a link, you can host it elsewhere and post the link using a code block by adding a ` to either side of your link.

For example http-website-yo

thank you, that worked. image included now.

Ah ok, thank you! I’ll see if I can find out who links the VODs to the schedule page. Does it work from the Watch page though?

I think it will work but the problem is:

when im in the esport section i have to scroll myself through tons of vods from the other tournaments. its very easy to get spoiled if i would want to watch overwatch after sc2 for example.

even if i search for wcs i get the final match (player xx vs player yy) as a first result and spoil myself too.

if i could use my method i wouldnt get spoiled in any way.


I agree with Faultier - why would i think to go digging through the Watch section? Surely the whole point of the Schedule is to be easily be able to consume the content you want in the order it was originally aired?

This is also the ways its been done in previous years.

Frankly that someone forgot to link the video’s to one of the major tournaments on your site is a huge miss. I hosted folks today to watch the event and i ended up using the Twitch stream above. So far i’ve not used any exclusive content that the virtual ticket should have gotten me and i can’t say i’m impressed.

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Honestly, this is how I’ve consumed Virtual Ticket content every year. I’ve just gone through the Watch section and filtered by game - consumed all - moved to the next.

Obviously, my personal user experience doesn’t translate to everyone else. Like I mentioned in my post, I’ve reached out to some folks to make sure we can link up the VODs as expected.

Thanks all for the feedback and heads up about this!

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Thank you for your help aswell Kalviery.

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Alright, just got word back that the esports VODs should all be connected to their schedule elements. It looks like some of the SC2 ones are combined (multiple matches in a single VOD) so you may notice that when trying to click through them that the page isn’t changing - that’ll be expected because they both point to the same VOD.

I am sorry for any trouble this caused! Thanks again for pointing it out.

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