Can't wait for Blizzcon!

Regardless of the other stuff going on. I am still looking forward to Blizzcon. I am not going this year, but still hyped to see all the new stuff they got planned for us in the future. Also looking forward to seeing which band they got picked this year. I think we see that announcement a week before the event starts.


Can’t stop the hype train :slight_smile:


Im still happy to go to blizzcon. Just my hype has been soured by world events.

Like I think blizzard’s lates update is more fair punishment since blitzchung did break tournament rules and understood that he was.

Its just other crap has also been happening in the world and I feel people just hop onto the rage train and ignore greater evils cause it’s not the current fad.


very true. If the exact same thing happened to a person in any other country, i’m willing to bet that people wouldn’t even bat an eye.


6th blizzcon for and cant wait. Might get a protestor or two to mess with.

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I honestly recommend to not provoke or mess with any protesters there. Just let them do their thing while everyone else can enjoy the event. No need to start anything and hopefully they will do the same.


Most of the protestors are going to be the usual religious groups anyway. There’s going to be a minimal amount otherwise, despite what the tough guys on the internet want to think.


Pretty much this. I think the only people that MIGHT actually show up are:

  1. Local people, but they’ll be fighting to find parking. Either that or take a bus/taxi/uber/lyft/ect.
  2. People that are within reasonable driving distance with the time off to do it. But they’ll need to find hotel for 2-3 days or however long they may stay.
  3. Actual convention goers that already made their plans.

Yeah I can’t wait to see my “you’re going to hell” peeps with their silence and signs. It’s kind of tradition at this point and is it really Blizzcon without them?


Im SO pumped for this year. Especially after how much of a let down last year was. My hotel is like a block down the street from the con this year its gonna be great.

These people “protesting” didn’t give 2 damns all year when these hong kong citizens were protesting (starting march 31). They just want to be mad at something even though the kid broke the rules. He knew he was and accepted his punishment.

I feel for the people of Hong Kong and wish them the best of luck. I truly do. EDIT HERE TO CLARIFY I MEAN THE INTERNET PROTESTERS NOT THOSE ACTIVELY IN THE STREETS OF HONG KONG* These people protesting are also the same people wearing their “made in china shirts” and using their iphones that has a dark history of really cheap and despicable labor violations. I cant take these protesters or their anger serious at all. Just another part of the “i wanna be angry and do the cancel culture thing because other people said we should online nonsense”


:clap::clap::clap::clap: YOU said it best! thank you! I am looking forward to blizzcon too. I was disapointed with last years con, So im hoping this year they make it big.
This would of been my 5th blizzcon except, In 2015 I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer a month before the con. Blizzard really came through that year for us. They couldnt refund us our ticket money, In return they gave us blizzcon exclusives. So seeing that people want to ruin this opportunity, makes me sad, I get people are upset. If youre that concerned Take it somewhere other than Blizzcon. There will be a lot of angry people there who don’t want their time ruined by some angry mob like you said "didnt give 2 damns all year, as they sit there using their Iphones, ".
I look at blizzcon as a time to celebrate, Not only is it the most epic convention of the year. It’s also my Remission birthday and actual birthday that weekend. I look forward to these 2 days.


Hell yea! That’s awesome. I’m happy you kicked cancer’s cheeks and you made it here. Feel free to reach out Drakken#11453. Blizzcon is about us, the community. The announcements and such are amazing but bringing a bunch of us nerds together to celebrate and enjoy something that we truly care about. I will not let that be ruined.


Blizzcon Virgin

This is my first time going, my adult children one of which met her husband through playing WOW convinced me to try for tickets. I know from the past experiences my kids have had obtaining tickets I truly feel “LUCKY”. She won’t tell me a lot about what I’m in for, she just says be prepared to walk a lot and be amazed at what will unfold before my eyes. If anyone has some tips for an “OG” like me to make the event even better please let me know.

“SHHHH” I won’t tell her you sad anything.


I will just say, just prepare for beachballs on Saturday Morning…


Yes! No one should ever be turned away from a gathering like Blizzcon! ((Of course you would need a badge to get inside the con though, but nothing stops from people wanting to hang out outside with others)) Blizzcon is a special gathering for the fans and the community. It is there to share the love and passion that we all have for Blizzard games. If you do not love Blizzard games and just love gaming in general, there is nothing wrong with being part of the community.

Im curious what the religious protestors are protesting. Do they have a problem with every game convention, comic con, or just hate fun in general? Sad way to spend your life.

Will they let me take pictures with them?


They have been to every convention I’ve been to (anime and gaming). They were really up in arms about the Diablo celebration a few years ago for, well, Diablo.

The last time I went (2017), there weren’t that many out. They seem to be dwindling over the years. Almost like they realize video games and entertainment don’t condemn you or something.

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Don’t let anyone bum you down. The world can feel like a damn mess to some. To others it is full of potential. I’ve got the VT and can’t wait. Never let those who want to watch the world burn, steal those moments of happiness from us all.


Never seen them at any con ive been to, strange. This is the first out of state convention ill be traveling to though. Every other con has been in the midwest except for San Diego Comic Con which I didnt attend but was a volunteer for when I used to live out there.

i love that guy had a coffee with the one from last year