Blizzcon Officially Cancelled

It’s officially official. Blizzcon for 2020 has been cancelled.

We knew it was possible and likely coming as it would be near impossible to hold a convention of 25,000 people in one building and remain safe.

This is a good call on Blizzard’s part to protect not only themselves, but us, their fan base. People may say that Blizzcon 2019 and 2018 was lacking. I say that Blizzcon is as good as YOU decide to make it.

Looking on the bright side of things, it’s a full extra year to make your preparations.
One more year to save money specifically for Blizzcon.
One more year, to make more friends, so that when you meet up next year, you have an even better time.
One more year for the Cosplayers to prepare, so that their costume may be even more awesome next year.

With that said, I hope everybody is staying well.
Stay safe, be a good person to each other, and next year when Blizzcon comes, we will make it better than we have before!

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Yea, I am disappointed that Blizzcon 2020 is cancelled but it is absolutely the right decision. :frowning:

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They should do a virtual con. Have giant meetings on Webex/gotomeeting/whatever.

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Saved from my cosplay procrastination by COVID. I am mildly relieved, but mostly sad.

i live in Egypt and i been attending Blizzcon via V.Ticket for like 10 yrs now…
this is a sad but truly the correct decision…
hope everyone stays safe and then we get to hold the most EPIC blizzcon when this is over…

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2020 will go down as the worst year ever. Nothing but let downs and dissappointment. I wonder how many big investors for Blizzard are also invested in vaccine companies? George Soros? From dark to light.

I’d like to suggest that the annual Murloc pet that WoW pet collector lovers will be devasted about missing out on be delivered a little differently this year.

You could create a COVID-19 Murloc wearing a Surgical Mask and Gloves and has special behaviour like always standing 6’feet away from anyone at any time.

You could create a fund raiser out of it. I would happily put money towards this in the Blizzard Store.

Thanks for reading. :smiley:


I agree safari! I love the mounts and merlock pets I get from the virtual ticket.

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