Blizzcon Merch - I hope

So now that it is official. I think a lot of us obviously look forward to seeing the awesome new merch and “Blizzcon” Exclusives(gosh i wish you guys back I know eBay is a thing but still I have my blizzard bear mount did not sell it) so I am hoping you guys already had things planned out or made possibly. I know there will be for ShadowLands like a shirt etc, but it would be cool to just say, “hey it sucks no blizzcon, BUT check out what we did have coming or planned!”

I mean… Diablo 4, D2 remake, OW2 – thats a lot of new potential. Also, steins… whoever came up with making steins thank you. I am just missing one but I like collecting those. Be cool if you guys had drinking horns. Just throwing this out there with random thought be pretty damn neat if you got Todd McFarlane collab with D4 stuff…


Yes!! I was looking forward to shopping at the con. I absolutely refuse to order from the new Fanatics store. I, and everyone else I’ve talked to, has received damaged merchandise from them, not to mention I can’t stand the way their site pops up timer-based discounts like some trashy junk shop. It hurts my soul as a developer. I definitely want some D4 stuff, shirts, class-themed items (barbarian anyone?), and maybe some new Shadowlands themed plushies. Also I am going to keep whining until we get some Sonya merch. xD

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I totally agree with this post and I would like to share some feedback based on my experience at previous Blizzcons and since the Blizzard Gear Shop opened a couple of years ago:

a) The Blizzcon merchandise reveals keep the hype of the upcoming games. Please keep producing them (even if this year Blizzcon has been cancelled).

b) Consider different types of merchandise for all your target audiences. Some of us would like top end limited edition collectibles like you used to have. I understand they require an increased cost to be produced, but I´m sure a very important part of your audience will always be looking to have something exclusive.

c) Please bring back the Cute But Deadly line with new figures. A repaint of any previous model its nice but I belive you have a lot of characters from the games lore to make new models.

d) The pin series you make are good but you should consider making an alliance with Figpin which can provide the state of the art pins we deserve. So far you have produced 2 pins from them and they are increasing their value with collectors.

b) The current Gear Store (managed by Fanatics) its simply not aligned to the standards that Blizzard Entertainment has established. As a customer from outside of US I would like to note:

  • The international store has a very limited number of items listed. This is forcing us to use external sellers like eBay which increase a lot the prices.

  • It’s unreasonable to have nearly 30% increased prices at the international gear store for the same items. This scenario encourages us to consider if those items are really worth the increased price.

  • The current landing page of the Gear Store site needs an urgent upgrade at their look & feel perspective.

Finally, please keep the hype train with D4!


I’ve been hoping they’d have more import goods. We’ve missed out on some neat stuff in the past like a Thunderfury umbrella, dark portal photo frame, and Pepe slippers.