Blizzcon Gear Shop?

hello everyone
i just got my virtual ticket, and i was about to look for the usual ticket-only gear section on the Shop. buuut, i didnt find any!
i know that this year theres no goodie bag (a shame, i loved it), etc etc…but where (and when) can/will we find the Key Art posters and t-shirts, and all the others Blizzcon gadgets?
i did not manage to find any information about this question

thank you very much!

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BlizzCon specific loot has not been released yet, and Blizzard have not announced when it will be released. Hence for now we just know it will be soon™.

Note that this year, everyone will have equal access when the BlizzCon gear goes on sale, whether they have a Virtual Ticket or not.


Also, make sure to follow @Blizzard_Ent on Twitter as any BlizzCon related news is frequently posted on Blizzard’s main twitter feed. If you would like to be alerted immediately, be sure to turn on Mobile Notifications as well.

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I’d give it another week or so. From what I remember (and my memory might be a bit hazy about this) but the Blizzcon Gear shop along with band doesn’t typically open up until about two weeks out.

This is dumb. A big reason I get the virtual ticket every year is the access to the merch shop. I can find out all the news via many channels. I enjoy watching the opening and cosplay streams and buying the t-shirts and cool loot. If you take that away, there’s not much I am missing, especially since the in-game loot is okay but not amazing.

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Key art posters and shirts was on for last few days. It still at blizz gear right now as I am looking at it. Tho there is only 63 items, half of them old new stock.

And one more thing - this year VT did not grant you access to Blizzcon items - it’s wide open access 'cos Activi$$ion will suck every $ from it.

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I don’t see a key art t-shirt on the merch store. Only on Blink, which is useless for Virtual Ticket holders.


Main poster was showing sold out the first day it went on sale… couldn’t find any shirts or other goodie bag things as before either…

Every year they find a way to take a step backward. Raise the price, offer less, should be their damned motto now.

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Very disappointed with this years Blizzcon merch. Not having a goodie bag was bad enough, but to have no key art Blizzcon t-shirt is terrible. I would have expected so much more especially for a 15th anniversary!

I didn’t attend Blizzcon live for the first time in 4 years, but am hosting a virtual viewing with the friends I usually attend with. We all get the shirt each year, I thought you typically get access as a virtual ticket holder in the gear store? I still don’t see any key art shirt except in the blink store. Do they not want our money? Also, the women’s one is a scoop neck, which is kinda terrible, so I guess if I can’t buy it it’s not such a huge loss? :confused:

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I should thank them, I suppose. I have nearly $150 in merch in the cart waiting for a key art shirt. It never arrived. That cart remains filled but not checked out. So thanks for saving me $200, I guess, Blizz? What a disappointment.

Yeah I’m wondering what’s up with this now. All I really wanted were some of the magnets :confused: The two shirts I had waiting in my cart are now sold out in my size, so I guess I’m not getting those either? shrug