Blizzcon experiences?


I have never been to blizzcon before but thanks to the new axs system I got a fair chance and was able to finally get a ticket after years of trying. Now I would like to ask, how is Blizzcon? i saw a fact that over 40,000 people attended last year, is it extremely crowded or is there enough space for all? is there enough space to walk or is it nonmoving human traffic?


The only time that it feels really crowded is when people are trying to get in each morning. There’s plenty of room to get around once you’re on the show floor,


thanks, is there like any giveaways in there or is all the swag the portal pass only darkmoon faire this year, also is there enough seating in the world of warcraft stage? this year is an expansion reveal for sure, and possibly the diablo 4 reveal, they didn’t reveal last year because of the demo not being ready for the attendants to try. I also wonder what are the lines like to try the demos of the new warcraft expansions like at blizzcon?


Some of the third party vendors(Nvidia, etc.) will hold giveaways, but any Blizzard merchandise will have to be purchased at the Darkmoon Faire or the on-site Gear Store. The past few years have included something called Blink Shopping, where you can make an order online and pick it up at the convention and stand in a much shorter line.

As for the demo lines, they are usually pretty reasonable. If I remember correctly, I don’t think I stood in a line for more than 30 minutes last year. It’s much better than something like PAX or E3.


Just my 2 cents to help out. Be preapred for 2 long fun days! make sure to plan your day and look at what you want to check out on the blizzcon schedule. maybe map it out to help youself know where to go. even tho i might have the feeling the map layout might change again? Demo lines wouldnt be that bad since i am sure there’ll be tons of desktops set up at each station. pretty much no more than a hour depending on what type of demo. Amd like oysterprime said, some of third party vendor does have giveaways.

Also if you plan to purchase merchs from blizzard gear, i believe there is a fitting area with all these apparels to try on before deciding what to buy in line or blink shopping app. it might help ya.