Blizzcon 2020 Dates?

Do we have the dates for next year?

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Likely we won’t have confirmed dates until April 2020, give or take a month.


Please let us sleep a little bit! :crazy_face:


No sleeping, get back at it. :ok_hand: It looks like everything want off smoothly with no trouble makers.

6th-7th November I believe

This is my expectation too as it’s been the first Fri-Sat in November since 2014.
Although in 2013 it was 8th-9th which was the second.

Any updates for the date? I’m traveling from Finland and I would like to purchase my airline tickets well before the event.

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yeah I’m in the same predicament i want to know ASAP so i can book my flight!

When you do get back at it… can you please fix the online ticket. Trying to watch the SC games after they have happened is full of spoilers. There was a year it was just listed as the match like “semi final” now it has the players. Kills the suspense when watching from Australia :heart:

It has to be 23rd-24th Oct now. convention center bookings make it impossible for Nov this year. Hilton is also blocked out that weekend and if you do book its $12,000-$13,000.

Going by that, its 23rd-24th Oct.

i am sending my son and his two best friends for their 35th birthdays … Hotel is booked just waiting for tickets to be ready for purchase … is there a date that is typical for tickets to be sold ?

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Tickets go on sale at some point in spring. Around April/May are the months they usually sell them.

Do you happen to have any hotel recommendations?

I need to put my vacation in with work… Any dates yet?

PLEASE. Tell us so we can prepare for how broke we will be for saving up for the trip lol

They usually announce a date for Blizzcon this month or April.

it has to be Oct. 23/24. Please visit the anaheim convention center events (you can put that in google) and you will see they are completely booked for Nov with other events. The last free weekend in October is 23/24/25.

Or it gets cancelled.

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Given the Covid-19 situation, it probably wont happen. BUT it would be awesome if they had a virtual type event with unveils and contests displays.

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Can someone help me? I’m trying to download the app more when I put it to download an error appears on the internet. can someone put the app on mega or somewhere for me to try to download?

Hmm. COVID19 might be the killer… Luckily I haven’t purchased the flights yet…