BlizzCon 2018 Build-a-Panel Voting #3

(Kate Burning) #1

Welcome to the voting for BlizzCon 2018 Build-a-Panel! This is your opportunity to help shape BlizzCon by telling us what you want to see out of one of the live panels that will take place during the show.

So far, you’ve decided that the panel will be hosted by Scarin’ De Paul and will focus on World of Warcraft. Next up - tell us what you think the focus of the panel should be:

  • Voice Acting / Talent
  • Art / Character Design
  • Lore / World-building
  • Pro Players / Strategy
  • Community

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(Kate Burning) #2


Was hoping WoW Classic would be one of the options. That’s the only reason I voted for World of Warcraft in the previous poll. Otherwise, I’d have voted for Diablo.


I don’t know what to vote for. As Viv said I only voted for WoW on the previous poll in hopes of classic being a option on this vote. :confused:


I’d like all 5 panels. But more important to me would be a music and sound panel. The previous music and sound panels were all stellar.


i have to agree wow classic needs to be an option.


Why isn’t wow Classic an option?
Make it an option then I’ll vote.


Please make classic an option.


Give me BWONSAMDIIIIII’s voice actor!


Why no diablo panel good jobs everyone


Would of much preferred Diablo since It’s kinda obvious they are making a new Diablo game, would of been awesome to have seen possible behind the scenes world building for the new game, oh well.


Was hoping WoW Classic would be one of the options. That’s the only reason I voted for World of Warcraft in the previous poll.

Yep, same here. Really bummed out that there is no option to vote for Classic WoW.


I can’t get enough of Alex Desert, his voice fits really well for Bwonsamdi.


cause everyone assumed that there would be a WoW classic option apparently :stuck_out_tongue: which all in all I don’t even care about, I want Diablo to have the big juicy stage this year, every year it’s stage shrinks and shrinks. One day there must be a sudden EXPLOSION OF HELLFIRE AND DIABLO STUFFS!!!


Would be cool to see him discuss voice acting with Warcraft’s actors.


I hoped to see a panel for WoW Classic…


Also same here. I only voted for a chance at a WoW Classic panel! If that isn’t an option, my second choice would be for the future of Diablo.


Well that escalated quickly :slight_smile:
I get it why so much people voted for WoW, because of the classic servers. But honestly, when your second choice was Diablo, (I voted Diablo) maybe the Devs will see that Diablo’s fanbase is larger than they thought, so yeah… just my 2 cents.


I was hoping to see an option for WoW Classic.


R.I.P. Diablo, the panel that would’ve been good…