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Welcome to the Best of BlizzCon Voting! Vote for your favorite BlizzCon moment and check back to see where your favorite moments land. More options will be revealed as we release more videos, so check back often.

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Best of BlizzCon: Cosplay

  • Medieval Space Marine
  • Female Monk
  • Turtle-Mount-Riding Draenei
  • Zagara
  • Reinhardt
  • Protoss Wizard
  • Adjutant
  • Hogger
  • Mistress of Pain
  • Grommash

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For me it has to be the overwatch reveal. The emotion and energy of the entire convention center, and just the emotion pouring from Metzen on stage, was just overwhelming. I have never heard the con center go so silent, just to roar with laughter, and drop down back to silence till the end of the reveal. It was amazing, and I still get chills.


Best Blizzcon Moment was always with Chris Matzen :frowning: We miss him so much.


For me it was Sombra. OW reveal was great but hype for Sombra was even greater after so many clues along the way :smiley: And Vanilla… well fun, and maybe a way to get into WoW now but I’m more W4 guy :wink:


I have to say it’s the WoW classic. I was watching and thinking to myself, “Why the f*** is he talking about ice cream?”


I remember when brack was talking about chocolate Icream and I was like… ohmg … no way… is he… realy? Fuuuuuuck me! Been super exited since


WoW Classic Reveal! been waiting for this to happen forever!!!


Classic WoW reveal, hands down. I’m a quiet person, and sometimes it even feels like I’m emotionally constipated.

But the moment Mr. Brack came up on the scene and started to talk about ice cream, I started sweating, the moment he said “Vanilla” I screamed my lungs out.


;~; I miss Chris too. I know he left for his health and to spend time with family, but I hope one day they can bring him back to do announcements. He was THE hype man!


Blizzard starts teasing the Blizzcon 2018 ?
I say two words: classic when ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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The best Blizzcon moment has to be Blizzon 09, when they demoed the Diablo 3 arena system. I was lucky enough to play this before they cut it out of the game. That was actually the most fun I ever had from Diablo 3.


For me the best Blizzcon moment is when Chris Metzen came on stage and rally the troops for things to come.
Nothing wrong how the current devs do their reveals, but the way Chris did it was on a whole different level!


I’m going to say the WoW Classic reveal since there was so much around Blizz taking down private vanilla servers.


Where is Diablo 4… why i’m still here… just to suffer… every night… i can feel diablo franchise BibleThump


Legit cried when Classic WoW was revealed.


How about other? The cinematic where Legion was attacking for the last time and Wrynn seemed to be taking on the whole thing alone - and THEN from out of the clouds and smoke there was Sylvanas.


2 overwatch announcements and a wow one, no wonder vote is this way. Maybe have some representation for other games in the next vote such as Heroes of the Storm announcement or Wings of Liberty.