AXS and those resale fees

22.5% fee if you are looking to buy tickets on the “Official Pass Exchange”

And thats just on the buyer side. Probably another fee on the seller side too.

not to mention the ability to scalp :rage:

What a seemingly arbitrary number… Lol 22.5%… not 20, not 23 or 25… It’s 22.5% :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah the “Convenience Fee” from the original ticket sale was about 5.25%

axs are the true scalpers here.

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Something tells me we won’t see people stop selling tickets on ebay anytime soon with those kind of fees.

Bumping this. I would like to see a blue response.

Is the “Official Resale” option on AXS intended? Because it was mentioned no time before the on-sale of tickets.

Saw portal pass in there for 1500 and now gone wonder if it sold??? Also lol at the guy relisting ticket at 20k. That mean Axs would get 4500$? Feels so slimy would have been nice if blizzard put a hard limit on resale values.

yeah i saw the resale fee as well. and that 20k ticket lol

That was me, I listed two tickets at 20k just for an example/illustration to the obscene resale fee percentages I shared my findings in one of the facebook groups. They take 3k on the Seller end and 9k on the buyer end for that 40k transaction. A total of 30% on top of the fee the original buyer paid per ticket.

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As far as I can tell it is intentional. The Blizzcon ticket page lists specific instructions on how to list and buy resales.