Anyone else hoping for Warcraft 2 the movie?


Or is it just me ?

I know it kinda did bad in US and Europe but the chinese market loved it, and I know movies that had even baddest scores but that still got a second movie or third


I figured it was a no go when all the costumes and props were auctioned off :\


Yeah all the props and stuff being sold makes the future look dark. I personally really enjoyed it (I know many didn’t) so I hope they will make a new one, even if its not a sequel I would love an Arthas/frozen throne movie too.


I have been saying this since the release of the first movie.
Blizzard should have had their cinematics department make the movie.
I strongly believe that if they were to make a second, and the Blizzard Cinematics team were to handle it, it would turn out to be far better than the first and have promise for more to come. Just look at all of the WoW cinematics. They are phenomenal!