Anyone else felt kinda cheated with the Blizzcon 2018 virtual ticket?


The fact that half of the 2018 in-game “Blizzcon” items are going to be available for everyone later this year made me regret buying the 2018 virtual ticket and honestly I feel ripped off still. I don’t understand why they made that decision, surely It’s going to seriously affect the revenue they get out of this year’s virtual ticket, because people will now learn that all they have to do is wait a bit and they can get the in-game item they want later on for probably a cheaper price or even free.
(they also increased the price of the virtual ticket in 2018, so it will only make the sales even worse for them)

I probably won’t be buying the virtual ticket ever again if they make half of the in-game items available again for this year because what’s the point of buying it? The value of the virtual ticket is almost non-existent because most people mainly buy it for the in-game items including me.
Even though I won’t be able to watch the panels right away anyone if I don’t buy the 2019 virtual ticket, all I will have to do is wait a week or so after the event and I’ll be able to watch the panels on YouTube after people re-upload them for 100% free… and I’ll only have to wait a few extra months to get the in-game item I want for possibly free too or at a cheaper price… again, there will be little to no reason to buy the virtual ticket if you make the in-game items available to all later on.

I’ll also always be making sure to read the pine prints everytime Blizzard claims future things to be “limited time” or “exclusive”, I’ve learnt my lesson on buying things instantly from Blizzard that claim to be exclusive/limited time when It’s actually not. I’ve saved quite a bit of money so far from not getting the Dreadwake mount (6 month sub) or buying the “See you Later” bundle.


Nope. I got what I paid for and though the Diablo Immortal announcement wasn’t what I expected, I got other stuff about my other favorite games to watch. If you are buying this just to watch it for just ONE game, then I think you are wasting your money.


Of course
I mean I bought the virtual ticket + goody bag for Blizzcon 2018 early with a lot of effort.
1 month later price drops 50%, dude i am from latin america
and without shipping costs you must work hard to get that money.