Anyone else feeling old after Opening Ceremonies?

It started when he was explaining what a cassette tape was and ended when he mentioned that some of the viewers weren’t even born when D2 was released. Felt like I should be sitting in a rocking chair and complaining about the young-uns and their new-fangled gizmos! :rofl:


As a 64 year old grandad playing WoW, I felt the age. rofl


Yeah, we elders still play. I’m gonna be your age in about a week and a half, and my husband will be 65 in August and plays. If you haven’t run into it yet, there’s a “55 and Over and Still Playing World of Warcraft” group on Facebook. They’ve even made their own guilds.

When they said BC had been out 13 years, I told my husband “I can’t have been playing that long!” I started right as the zombie apocalypse happened for BC.


Me (50) and my 16 y.o. teen were watching with my mom (72) while playing WoW at the same time! There are few “timeless” and “ageless” games in the world - Blizzard made this happen.

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whats the name of that facebook group… asking for a friend

I was like thanks Blizzard for making me feel old.

I’ll be 69 in October. Who else is past this age and still playing?

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He’s not wrong.
Alot of players to diablo universe never touched 1 and 2, and I’m glad they’re bringing it back so they can finally see what diablo was meant to be…and should be…3 haw nice combat but that’s all

I been playing for SO MANY YEARS that I started when they used to support MacOS

I’m only 45 and I get to explain what BBSs and modems were to my minions at work. Pretty Hate Machine and Nevermind were 30 years ago. I feel this pain.

Currently watching the DnD session … it doesn’t matter how old you are, this is the place to be.

Worse Blizzcon ever… you literally have a lady cooking bacon for content. and she likes soft bacon not even crispy… CRINGE

If you weren’t tuning in for the Diablo DnD play you might as well be watching someone cook bacon

lol…70. best SL item lvl so far 203

I’m only 36 (born 1985), but I grew up with Blizzard games. My grandfather was a computer engineer and we always had the latest PC tech and software when I was growing up. He brought home titles like The Lost Vikings, Blackthorne, Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, etc. It was 1996’s Diablo that changed my life though. Logging onto for the first time… via dial up… speaking with other actual people out there playing the game. I got ICQ and started connecting with Diablo players to schedule times to meet up and play. Starcraft came out… then titles like Diablo 2, Warcraft 2: Edition, Warcraft 3… my entire teenage gaming life was Blizzard and games. WoW came out in 2004 right after I graduated high school and I played constantly with friends in college.

Anyway, long story short: I’ve been playing Blizzard games for 30 of the 36 years of my life. These characters and stories will always be with me. I have a four year old son now (and a daughter on the way) and I can’t wait to share these worlds with them as well.