After Party Meetups

My sister wants to know if there will be any Halloween or after con parties. She a ho and wants to wear a skeleton outfit. We will be in Anaheim on Thursday-Sunday. Stream us at Madogggg on twitch.

Ok lol this is pretty funny. However, I know of several spots. Add me Drakken#11453. Im bringing a couple of other gaming industry friends with me. You and your sister can tag along if yall want. Last year we went to Swifty’s party, Samsung party, etc

Dopeee! We both added you

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There will also be the Con Before the Storm powered by Wowhead on 10/31 from 5pm to midnight. It will be held at the Anaheim Hilton, 2nd floor - California Ballrooms.

The event is free and you can find out more at the Conbeforethestorm website.

there should be a bunch of parties happening. alot of people just meet at Hilton bar :wink: