A Suggestion of Honoring Guilds and Guild Leaders at BlizzCon


As I was sitting here thinking about my guilds that I have on a few servers either to have players join or for my personal storage and alts, I thought about the fact this year will mark the 15th year of World of Warcraft. The game itself has seen many changes over the years, some good, some bad, and some in between that brought changes to many people around the world. The game has inspired people to go out and become programmers when they first started playing the game. Some of them even work for Blizzard today. Some people became social outside of the game with players whom they meet in the game, and some even married other gamers they meet in their guild.
Guilds have help change players, guilds have helped bring communities together and have worked together to help grow servers. It is these guilds and guild leaders that has helped inspire people around the world.
I have been on so many servers, looking for these guilds and leaders that help players or who were active and caring for so long. I am a traveler of sorts when it comes to the game. I have played on PVE, PVP, RP and I have played on RP-PVP servers. I have met so many good people on my adventures around Azeroth, I have met some many great leaders, inspirational folks, and I have met some that are no longer here with us today. This game has brought me joy, happiness, sadness, and love. This game gave me the ability to travel, run and/or walk for hours whereas in real life I can not do those things that had loved doing before I injured my back. With that said, in those darkest hours, the game has been there for me when I had and have to this day sit and allow my body to heal or allow the pain to calm down. I am not the only one has found this game to be of great help when life has dealt them a tragedy. The second part of my story is the guilds that I have been a part of has been there as well. It is these leaders and members of the various guild who have lifted my spirit when I was down. I am not the only one who has experienced this.
So I would love to see some of the longest active guilds this year be honored as well as the current leaders or the leader that might have passed on be honored in mentioning at BlizCon 2019. I know of only a handful of guilds that have been active over 10 plus years and on the same server. I think it is time to honor the guilds that have been there for the players.

Thank you!