30yr old + 26yr old 1st Blizzcon (UK)

Hey all :slight_smile:

Myself and my best friend are off to Blizzcon for the 1st time EVER YAAAAAAAY!

We’re quite anxious as to be expected and are hoping to partake in a few meetups etc. and maybe if we’re lucky meet some new freinds and stuff!

We’re flying out from London Heathrow on Virgin at 09:35 on 30/10/19 so if you’re on our plane come say hi pre/during! :smiley:

We basically only have eachother (sad but true) and don’t belong to a social group/guild so we’d love to meet up with people and get food/hang/parks what ever!

It’s harder then I thought putting yourself out there :sweat_smile: but you gotta start somewhere!

Feel free to contact me on Discord Rivux#3208 we’re super friendly and don’t bite.

P.S we’re Horde…don’t hold it against us :frowning:


… You don’t bite? Are you sure? I was hopeful for a moment…


well if your into that, alot of blizzcon goers are having adult cosplay “parties” in the hotels if u look it up.

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My partner and I (30 & 32) are both going and it’s our first time as well! Would love to meet up and make some new friends!

Pish you don’t frown when you say for the Horde! I’m going on my first time to Blizzcon solo so I don’t mind hanging out and having a beer! Been to the UK once so I can ask about a few places.

Hi there :smiley: 31M here. Im actually flying solo for the first time with Blizzcon. Happy to hang out and make more friends. I’m stayin like a mile from the con on the same street.

Hey hey, old grandpa here as well (31) going to my first Blizzcon. Id love to meet with you guys and make new friends. Add me if you want. PnballWizard#1805

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Let me also add my Bnet Drakken#11453 Feel free to add me :smiley:

hay this will be my first time to blizzcon as well. wound like to meet up. i am going there solo. and staying at the Little Boy Blue Motel. it’s a 10 minute walk to the convention.
look me up as we can meet a hang out.
my discord is landleech #8906