Your Security Sucks

Howdy. I’m finally taking to the forums after my account has been hacked 4 times. I’ve changed the password each time and each time they get back in. I have the stupid authentication app on, which should just be Google Auth but you have to get your tracking data somehow. I can’t believe how dumb your password rules are. It’s so insecure that a 2 year old could hack a account easily and without even breaking a sweat. It’s embarrassing. Get your act together and act like a real company, and not just some corporate body bag that only wants money. You’re gonna lose more customers if your lax security is as bad as it was…Oh wait…it is.

Their security is very flawed :wink:

wait so u’re complaining at the password rules are too easy? that doesn’t stop u from picking a strong password. perhaps u should be checking ur computer for trojans or something? and also if u do have the authenticator app on did u get the request in ur app? is ur phone not secured?