Your connection has been interrupted

When I start to fight barbarians on a nightmare, after 20 seconds I get a disconnect with an error: Your connection has been interrupted
I do not use any third-party programs, I have an official client downloaded from the official site.
I have no problem killing barbarians on normal difficulty. I play without problems as much as I want in any location, but it is on the barbarians that the crash occurs.
I reinstalled the game in a new folder - the problem persists.
And I can’t skip this quest and move on :frowning:
Any ideas?

post in the support forums instead of the general discussion ones.

Are you kidding me?
Technical support is useless. Maybe any of the players had the same problem?

I was looking for a solution in Google and found a girl with the same problem, also on barbarians, but on the “normal” difficulty. And she didn’t find a solution either.