Your connection has been interrupted

When I start to fight barbarians on a nightmare, after 20 seconds I get a disconnect with an error: Your connection has been interrupted
I do not use any third-party programs, I have an official client downloaded from the official site.
I have no problem killing barbarians on normal difficulty. I play without problems as much as I want in any location, but it is on the barbarians that the crash occurs.
I reinstalled the game in a new folder - the problem persists.
And I can’t skip this quest and move on :frowning:
Any ideas?

post in the support forums instead of the general discussion ones.

Are you kidding me?
Technical support is useless. Maybe any of the players had the same problem?

I was looking for a solution in Google and found a girl with the same problem, also on barbarians, but on the “normal” difficulty. And she didn’t find a solution either.

Now i have the same issue. Getting to barbarians in act 5 and getting disconnected mid fight 7 times in a row. I tried rebooting and running the game as amdministrator, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions of what can be done? Can’t be a thing that i need to start over again to fix this…

It may have to do with the server glitches that are occurring today. Have a little patience. As Monday is tomorrow, Blizz’s techies will be onboard looking into many of this weekend’s issues.

Well seeing as OP had the same issue back in July, and that he is refering to another person having the same problem previusly, I doubt this is a new thing?
What are the odds that old glitches will be ironed out in D2?

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About the same as the odds of getting Blizzard to hire back David Brevik & crew, them accepting, and Bobby kotick allowing money to be spent on fixing an old game.

I’ll give you a very optimistic estimate

:zero: . :zero: :zero: :zero: :zero: :one: %

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