Your Connection Has Been interrupted - Game Does Not Exist

Hey Blizzard, better do something about your false positive auto-restriction system, this happened at least 4 times today. i am not a bot, just begun playing on closed realm. and no i do not create games too soon one after another.

For some reason, the system only boots me suddenly after about 30 minutes of gameplay. i fight my way to a boss, and i ALWAYS get kicked out JUST BEFORE i attempt to engage the boss. i’m playing on uswest & useast man, not even asia or europe

Are you insane- Some people are playing Hardcore, can you NOT pull a player out right in the middle of an active game? by some miracle i am still alive after 10 seconds. luckily my char is low level, and the surrounding environment do not pose intense threat. this happened at least 4 times today, totaling about 2 hours wasted GETTING to the boss, hacking through 8 levels of noob shy.t mobs, just to be kicked out before i engage boss. Now i know why high players in hardcore die all the time, or lose items during a swap. sure i can opt to restart non-hardcore, but that does not right this wrong.

NO it is NOT my internet connection, it is your side… some auto-restrict system. because if it is my connection, normally there is still time for me to reconnect, shut down client, restart new client, relog back in my same game. i done this before. the occurences today do not follow this behavior.

Yes for sure i KNOW it is your dumb autorestrict system, because the characteristics are as such =
-there is usually no rollback (meaning it is up to the second/minute), when i attempt to rejoin the same game, for some reason ‘Game Does Not Exist’ some bul.lshy.te message like that, although only 5 seconds had passed, the game had already been deleted, and i’m sure of my game details. it’s as though i had been yanked off the server from your panel. when this happens, i have no choice but to create a new game to continue, i get the ‘dark wanderer entering monastery gate’ splash screen, but the gate does not open. after about 2-3 minutes of hanging, get an ‘Unable to Join Game’ msg. This normally means i have to log off D2 and try again in 5 minutes. 'Unable to Join Game; during a CREATE GAME wtf??? but even if i could all my progress had already been gone, i have to replay the levels again and again like ground hog day

Dont be so cheap. you cant automate everything. maybe you need to rotate a live gm team to supervise. at least real human players don’t get their chars dying a dog’s death. this may be a 20 year game, but i bought your digital code i am still your patron.

Nobody is out to get you. The only game actions that yield any sort of restriction are excessive creation or joining of games. Neither of those behaviors result in being disconnected from an existing game.

Nope. I have experienced this before. Precisely from within an existing game.
Screen loses background (black) and i get the message ‘You have been disconnected…’

While I was inside a game.

On that day i posted, at least Four (4) Times. Game starts, from Catacombs 2 i go Catacombs 4. At Catacombs 4 before i enter the large hall ouside of andariel’s chamber i get disconnected/pulled out (i cannot immediately rejoin, and i know i checked it is not my connection). also experienced once i am inside that large hall itself, outside of andariel’s chamber.

*** All these instances are not mere disconnection due to my line being bad etc.
The issue is because i cannot immediately rejoin. means i had been pulled out and restricted from rejoining.

Yes, i am aware about excessive creation or joining of games. i would assume to learn about the restriction (if i am restricted) whilst creating a new game or joining a game, not while i’m already inside a game. playing. if they r going to that extreme better put a small clock timer countdown at the corner of everyone’s screen. how the hell can i be so bloody precise do you think i count seconds and minutes in between games

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Almost sounds like what’s happening is exactly what it’s telling you.

Your connection (internet) has been interrupted (bad isp or some bad relay nods along the path between you and your isp)

that’s moot, the real issue is i cannot rejoin. the ‘game no longer exists’ that’s the problem. no game wipes itself after 5 seconds unless it got restricted

That’s the dupers crashing the servers to dupe then. They’ve been at it insanely this season… seen price for unid annis going for 20fg which is like 2 socket quest lol

feb 9, again i just lost all my high gems at lest 5 perfect including skulls, uniques several set pieces while dropping off these items to a mule-> your connection has been interrupted->instant 'Game Does Not Exist on rejoin. My receiving character had already picked up everything but you just chose to cheat, roll back several minutes when those items were still on the floor. no biggie i’m just going back to farming muling farming muling (albeit manually) exploiting creating excessive games to the max the next few days, again. F*** you blizzard .l. .l.

i’m going to hammer your server to the max. F*** You

I wonder why you consistently have this particular problem and no one else appears to.

same thing here. Now, i can not even play.

i think cos i’m a very fussy guy and i log in and out of chars ALOT to do account housekeeping. nwm that, i just bought a second key, now setting up second terminal, but i encounter a strange problem involving news not loading on one client- i’ll address it in separate thread.

Having same issues here as well just started playing again and now i cant stay in a server long enough to play. I have had my internet company run tests and diagnostics on my service. Also have had them come out to test everything on my end as well. I am thinking its a server issue on their end.

Just had this happen while playing with some friends.
One had laid out lots LOTS of gear/other stuff on the ground from his mules to equip a new character.
All the sudden we all get booted, and guess what, “game does not exist” right after.
Poor guy. How can such crap happen, there should be some way to get recompense for this. Diablo started diablo’ing players now?