Your cd key is currently being used

this message will show me when i want connect to battle net
Your CD key is currently being used by:
this is normal or my cd key is used by someone else?

If you do not know who this Jeztah person is, then I’m afraid that your game keys are compromised. This can happen in a few ways that I know of:

  • Someone has guessed your codes via brute force. (possible, but very unlikely)
  • Someone obtained your codes by hacking your account. (possible with weak passwords or if your computer is infected)
  • Someone obtained your codes via a trojan backdoor that you inadvertently opened, perhaps thinking it was some other type of program.

The most common way I’ve heard of is by the victim downloading what they think is a hack or bot for the game, but it turns out to be a trojan horse that allows backdoor access to the victims machine, which grants the hackers access to their Diablo 2 codes, perhaps even other sensitive information.

I’m not making accusations, I’m just stating what I’ve heard others fall victim to.

None Of That S#!t Happened
His Cd Key Is In Use Not His Account
They Run Key Generators And Get Lucky
Or He Got A Key Off A Third Party Site

Eh, I try to go along with “Innocent until proven guilty.”, not the other way around. :roll_eyes:

This will happen to me sometimes while leveling in chanting games, the connection will drop and then It states I’m using my cd key. I used to this it was temp banned. For no reason which seems to happen to me more often then botters.

I found the solution is just restart my computer/windows.

Restart PC will not help.
some b*stard uses the same key I bought.

If you didn’t buy the key from Blizzard this is a common issue. If you did buy it from them and it’s still used, that’s pretty rare. It happens, that sucks. Nothing you or Blizzard can do about it. Just buy a new cd-key.