You have co-opted all of the WORST tilesets from D3 rifting

I’ve pushed multiple rank 1s in diablo 3. Rolling rifts for good maps was pretty much all you can do. Whenever you would roll a long skinny one, it was an instant reset. There’s nowhere to avoid attacks. There’s nowhere to group the mobs. It’s a dead rift.

You guys have taken all of these rifts from D3 and none of the ones that you can actually play on. Long skinny rifts with bad density and nowhere to avoid mob attacks.

As it stands right now, ZK library tileset is the only playable rift. The rest are unplayable rerolls.

It confounds me that you guys have zero understanding of the gameplay to even comprehend that this could be an issue. And the fact that you only took the bad tilesets from D3 and left all of the good ones goes to show what a lack of awareness that you have.

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The rift tile sets are horrible in this game.
We desperately need some more variety added in with more open sets.

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