You have been disconnected please reconnect

After i downloaded a VPN it seem my IP got flagged for some reason
i tried resetting my router and turn off the VPN but no help, what can i do ?

am i really banned for nothing in 2 weeks?

Good fight mules…

Hey Mummi,

The VPN did indeed trigger a two week log in restriction. Be sure to not accidentally attempt to log in again with the VPN active or it will reset the two week timer.

aight and no way around it i guess…
Can i log on from another cd key and Ip adress to renew my chars who aint perm?
or is the accounts also flagged?

Unfortunately, no way around it. You can try a different IP address to see if it lets you log in. I’m not sure what the effect will be of you use different CD keys.

And if i try this, the other IP adresses and keys won’t get flagged? as long as i ain’t using VPN on the other IP ?

Or is it possible to extend the lifetime on my mules some how?

I won’t be able to say for sure because there’s a decent list of behaviors that can trigger a restriction. So can’t definitively say that it will or won’t happen.