You have been disconnected from battlenet. Please reconnect

I installed Diablo 2 at my workplace and tried to log in and now every time I try I get this message. I went home and tried to mobile hot spot but to no success. I don’t bot or hack or anything of the sort. I put a lot of time and effort into my account so any feedback would put my mind at ease. I’ve been reading that you can’t login under a vpn so I’m assuming I’ve got some type of temporary ban. Help!

Have you tried contacting support here?

Alternatively you can post here:

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Thank you, I will try on that forum.

Both VPN and Business IP’s will result in a temp ban

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If I mobile hotspot at home and go play on my friends residential WiFi, will I be good or will they ban for that…

I tried tethering from my phone when I was at my workplace, so as to not use the shop’s ISP, and it worked fine