You guys are purposely nerfing this

Im tired and tired of having process of Game.exe in my taskman just taking up private byte for no reason AFTER I CLOSED D2 so. d2StageC.dll
isnt closing d2… your eating up my memory forcing me to do extra steps to play this game but not only that its like a buffer overflow memory error malware to my computer FIX IT NOW! WHEN I CLOSE D2 IT SHOULD CLOSE! Your doing this too everyones computer dont make me get this “suited” up!. if i play this game 100 times … ill have 100 process’s eating up memory and .01 of my processor… I M NOT THE ONLY ONE BLIZZARD YOUR ANTI CHEAT ALSO RUNS AT START AND IF I OPEN MULTIPUL TIMES AND IT SENDS YOU STUFF AUTOMATICALLY WITH OUT MY CONSENT. YOUR LOOKING TOO DEEP! Stage a b c are a fail ///** Wait delay state 42 private MBytes… 10 tids still 3 almost consistent activity small IO. All i can see on the surface… turbojumpstart address… ive also seen stageC stuck in the tid after opening and closing 10 d2s in a fast manner… ironic legit players are probably getting popped… stop this malware on our computers


Never heard of such a thing. Maybe you downloaded something no good and now face punishment.

dude its known their anit cheat is d2stage a b c… go look in your App data AND
its a dll my bad on that i was in the thread stack of game.exe and theres like 10 TIDs still on the processor after close… Go look i bet you have game.exe just chillin after playing d2 and closing it… if i open 100 and i close each one everytime i open it. ill have 100 on my list to kill

Say easy so what you want ?

Basically they need too make a better anti cheat… This one is reaching a bit too far. Its staying open in the background to monitor the bots when closing and opening. 42 bytes but once you reach past 4-6 Closing and opening one 1 d2 it starts making d2 13 mbs…I dont bot i dont hack… i know the game code fairly well, though this dll mess they got is bs.

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dude when u run glide and close diablo 2 sometimes it leaves it open on ur task manager, run diablo without glide just d3d quit and repeat and ull notice everytime u quit it will b off task manager, its cuz of glide homie ya nutcase

i just tried in all ways too open d2, direct draw, d3d and glide, they all do the same