You disabled pasting of password - this will lower sales

I take security seriously, so I use a password management tool and my passwords are 20+ characters and symbols of randomness…

But recently you disabled my ability to use my password tool to paste it into the game shop from in-game purchases. I’ve abandoned several purchases and wanted to point out that instead of increasing security, this move is going to lower sales.

As nearly always impulse buys, I will rethink them when presented with having to alt-tab like 19 times to get all the symbols I need… just not worth it.

Just FYI, as until you revert this “security feature” I’m most likely going to skip buying things… at the very least you should allow me to make that decision in my profile where I can acknowledge I am handling security better than the in-game one in the first place.


Please enable password pasting for the shop in the in-game client. Some of us take security seriously, and use password managers (in my case, ‘pass’) to lower the odds of all our accounts get taken over.

My passwords look like this (note: it’s a fake one, generated by the same tool I wrote to generate them): GA28?N@%J4q_fPxbhLBt

It is can be hard to type it since there’s no logic in it and several special characters at random place, and that’s the good part about it. I can’t remember it. I don’t use the same password twice. Each account I have: blizzard, netflix, spotify, each of my emails, ETC, use a different password.

I can paste my password everywhere except when I want to buy an in-game service in WoW. It seriously is an annoyance every time.



Oh my god, I can’t believe anyone does this intentionally. It could be a bug here, but I’ve run into it a handful of times on different sites/apps and invariably it results in a cancelled transaction or a switch to a different app. It’s also a serious accessibility issue for some people.
Another bugbear: banks who won’t let people copy their routing and/or account numbers for “security” reasons. Like copying something on my own computer is any less safe than retyping it in notepad. SMH.

What else is curious is that I HAVE the bliz authenticator. Why not use that instead of disabling pasting my password?

Update ! They seem to have changed this recently, I can now paste passwords from my password manager

I can’t believe how much they charge to simply ship something.
They need non-free shipping.