"You can't enter the Vault again today"?!?

“You can’t enter the Vault again today”?!?

But in the description: “Total Daily Raids: No restrictions”?

As I can’t put screenshots here I need to use Imgur:

imgur .com/a/Ll1aRzp

I don’t get it…

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Same yesterday…
I was wondering too…

Blizzard? Why restriction if you say ‘No restriction’?

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And Hell Fault don’t gives gold anymore?!?

What the…

Apparently they dont want to answer. Guess they are making enough money off the game atm, to where they dont care.

Restart your game, its a bug. If restarting doesn’t work, you’re SoL.

Same problem just happened to me. 15 minutes before the end time of the vault runs. Maybe you have to be queued before a certain time? I dunno.

Restarting didn’t fix it.

So now it’s the 2nd period for today and it still says I can’t enter again today… I only play on the weekends so this is especially frustrating…

Same here. I perfectly understand the 10 minute waiting period, but this is indeed rather strange, given that the description quite clearly says there is no limit. As for restarting the game, that didn’t work… and neither did waiting for the next time the vault opened that day.