You are in line to create a game, 10800

Whenever me and my brothers are playing on the same IP we get hit with a “You are in line to create a game. Try joining a game to avoid waiting. Your position in line is: 10800”. We can’t join any games and even if we try a different IP through hotspotting (which works normally) nothing changes. I don’t know if this is only a probelm on US West or what.

This happened on USEast, it means some bots are about to be banned. You will have to bare with crappy servers for a few days but the juice is easily worth the squeeze imo.

Strolln rhymes with trolln and that’s all you do.

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Curious… What do you think you’re doing? You’ve got a few posts trolling him that I can see. Seems to me a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. :man_shrugging:

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What do I think I’m doing? Calling him out on his obvious trolling. If you think r/d and other various automated methods of arbitrary player punishment are NEW or RELATED TO BOTTING then you’re hopeless. I mean this person is pure troll, my original response to him was from his speculation that realm downs were “probably a good thing / new / means they are cleaning up bots”. Idiocy.

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You’re reaching pretty hard, who’s trolling?

Well, it’s what happened on USEast so ya I do think it may be indicative of an incoming bot sweep. Funny, the servers go to crap for a few days and then some bots are gone. No way those events are related, getting 10 minute realm downs for nothing is normal.

This your first time to play d2? Arbitrary realm downs are new. I’ve played a lot of Diablo and I did nothing to earn my realm down, that’s NEW. Can’t say I’ve ever gotten a realm down for nothing that I can recall until last week.

You thought they would only do a bot sweep on USEast? Lol. That’s just funny dude, I’m curious about your thought process. So the USEast crappy servers followed by a bot ban then followed by well performing servers aren’t related? What do you think is happening then?

You are trolling. Turn off your bot, manually open up Diablo II and open the games list. Bots, almost exclusively. Get out. Yes, Realm Downs have been happening for well over 18 years. No, Realm Downs have nothing to do with bots. I don’t know what you trolls have to gain by typing nonsense about “the bots are banned hazzah!” on the bnet forums other than to rub it in that the bots are still going strong, and legit players are getting temped all over the place.

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Right? Lol

What’s up with ppl shilling for Blizzard that bots are being banned when it’s fairly easy to see nothing has been done to bots at all except Block a few proxy connections with no bans related

So is this like a new type of ban or what? It’s like 2 million in line on key for USEAST, I assumed because I reconnected after leaving my work VPN on. USWEST worked fine, but now is up to like 6000 in line after being fine for a week and not connecting to work vpn while playing.