Wrongfully banned for "cheating" and all appeals instantly closed with copy paste nonsense


I was banned on Tuesday during maintenance (coincidentally the day AFTER my 3 accounts resubbed , and on my birthday no less!) with the message that I was cheating or botting. I, in over 15 years of being a loyal Blizzard customer, have never once been banned, suspended, or so much as even warned. I have never botted, cheated, used illegal software, or anything of the sort. I do, however, run a lot of sandbox games and code editing programs. In my research since my suspension I have found this is pretty common among recent banwaves. People getting punished wrongfully with no chance of appeal, while literal GUILDS full of chinese botters, and the people I’ve been reporting for botting every week remain unpunished.

Each of my appeals has received almost the same verbatim two sentence autoreply of “This has already been reviewed and upheld. It will not be investigated further.” I keep asking what exactly got me banned so I can try and fix it or warn others, and nothing. Ignored. You’ve phased out live chat and phone support so we can’t talk to actual people anymore. This is a mess, Blizzard. I would like to reference the WAN show, where host Luke was banned for the same exact reason, and only got UNBANNED because fans harassed you until you actually called him to work it out. Well, not all of us are famous people, but that doesn’t mean we don’t deserve a fair assessment from BlizzCS.

I have no bot software. I have people who will vouch for having been playing with me upwards of 20 hours a day for weeks, as I was in the final push to my Rank 14 grind. All I want is for someone to talk to me, call me, anything. I want to talk to a real person, not some outsourced copy paste drone who doesn’t give a crap about doing good customer service as long as they stay within the exact lines of what’s expected of them: copy pasting from the accepted response document.

Please, Blizzard. Help me work this out. I’ve tweeted, I’ve appealed, I’ve done everything I can think of, and I’m starting to lose my mind. I would really rather my almost two decades of being a model customer not stop now, but if this “punishment” is upheld, I assure you it is the last dollar you will see from me.

I don’t understand this post, at all. You mess with the code - but don’t get why you are banned? I must not be understanding this correctly.
Sorry for being so dumb, but I just don’t get it.

Those programs do not affect WoW or it’s files. They are not FOR WoW. They’re for games like 7 Days to Die, ARK, etc. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. There have been many reports, though, of developers getting banned for cheating because WoW is somehow detecting those types of programs and banning you for them. That’s what happened to Luke from the WAN show.

I received an 8 day ban yesterday for “Exploiting”. I have put a lot of time into grinding pvp rank and just got completely derailed and when I put in a ticket to find out what was wrong I got the same thing. Some weird blanket statement about how they did an investigation and I am exploiting but wont tell me exactly what this so called exploit is. I’m not sure if another program on my computer was detected not sure if people were mad because I dont troll in AV with them but I am one very unsatisfied customer that I got banned for a week and I cant even be told why.

You know what, screw it. I’m with this guy. Unsubbing my accounts and taking my money elsewhere.

I now take a 6-month ban, first alleging abuse of a bug and then in a ticket they talked about using a hack. Besides the game being full of problems, the service is a reference of how a company does not have to relate to its consumers. I think it’s time to take my money where I am treated well

Hey guys, I’m an Asian. My account got 8600 gold through my own efforts, and then I was banned. The reason for the ban is that I sold gold to upset the balance of the game and the experience of other players. Oh, my god.
I have never had a gold deal with anyone before. When Blizzard felt that this evidence was not valid, new evidence emerged. Said I violated the user agreement? May I ask if this rule still fails to find out my illegitimacy, do you want to tell me directly that you do not like Asians?

I was banned on Tuesday on 2 of my accounts as well. I have the same response as you from Blizzard. This has been reviewed, etc. etc. I lost 2 6 month subscriptions for $170.30 that I got to play one month of. I did find that my daughter (who I had let play my account to determine if she liked WoW or not) had installed an automatic fisher (because I don’t bot, I didn’t think to warn her about botting or the TOS.) However, at the same time I started streamlining my auctioning skills with TSM and mailing items between my alts because I am trying to earn enough gold to purchase the ridiculous $5 million gold mount with an auctioneer.
I was not aware of the bot when I initially appealed, and have no real problem if that is the reason that the accounts were banned (a little pissed about the money, but it is understandable.) However, I have reached out to Blizzard support to confirm that this is the reason that the accounts were banned and to make sure that there wasn’t anything else that had been changed on my account that could have caused it and get this:
This penalty has already been upheld. All details that can be provided were already included in the original notification email.
Further detail regarding the penalty will not be provided.
Any further requests on this topic will be abandoned.
Blizzard Entertainment

As stated, I found a bot and wanted to make sure that this was the only behavior causing the ban and get not a damn thing as a response asking for help to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. I am not even appealing the ban, the account was used with a bot. I am just asking for help to make sure that I don’t have the problem again and I get effing nothing in the way of help or support with my request. 11 years playing with no account issues ever and then this type of crappy responses to my requests for help preventing the issue from happening after the ban is lifted.

ThePheelain I found that the online blizzard is no longer the previous blizzard, and they keep closing their accounts. And many accounts are without any fault, of course I am an Asian. I didn’t swear or use any software, but I used one that can improve the quality of the game and make it smoother. I believe this is legal, but I have also been banned by Blizzard. I think Blizzard should change this situation

Hey, friend. I wonder if we can get our account back? I am very concerned about this. I played for 2 months and was banned. But I couldn’t find what I did wrong and was banned. This is too sad