Wrong description on chip of stoned flesh legendary gem

There is a wrong description on the chip of stoned flesh descripcion that confuses me and other friends on what i really does, in my case the one i have socked in my item says “when you cause LOSS OF CONTROL ON AN ENEMY…”, but when i see the one placed in the recomended builds for demon hunter inside the game it says “when you cause TOTAL LOSS OF CONTROL ON AN ENEMY”…, and in some friends it in the ones equipped and etc, it changes everywhere, SO MY WONDER IS what is the accurate description since one says it activates when u do something as easy as chill an enemy and the opther requaries that you stun, or total freeze and enemy please fix this or tell me what is the actual description.

Haha yes, yes!
You’ve been swindled, too. Congratulations. Me too…

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