Wraith form does not work

There are several bugs with the wraith form, which promises invulnerability in exchange for not being able to attack. This is especially noticeable in PVP/battleground.

  1. You aren’t invulnerable AT ALL. You still take damage.
  2. You can be stunned/disabled while already in wraith mode.
  3. You can get stunned/disabled while casting wraith mode and it activates the cooldown timer, preventing subsequent use, even though the skill wasn’t activated.
  4. You can get knocked out of wraith mode prematurely.
  5. Ethereal Boundary armor is supposed to “remove all effects which cause loss of control” upon activating wraith form…it does not, and cannot even be activated when stunned (literally the only reason to equip this).

Please fix this issue.

Thank you.