[wow/Wotlk] too many BOTS in battleground in Midnight

can you do any Tech Support to let em out,plz?

lots of DK bots and Rogue bots,cuz they can farm gold easily when they grab pvp gears

I can tell you now, Blizzard could care less about bots. If they did, there wouldn’t be bots in any of their released titles and every title has them everywhere.
Good luck on your bot removal quest. I think it’s something all real players should be advocating.

This forum is for community based troubleshooting of our legacy titles like Diablo II: 2000 or titles in our Blizzard Arcade.

Normally I would say post on the WoW forums but this is not a technical issue and no one on the forums can address bot reports.

We have specific in-game functions to not only report botting behavior but to specifically collect the needed information at that time to aid in any investigation. You can select the player’s avatar, right click on their profile pic and use the report function there.