[WoW]Character Mounts Collection Summary - always 404

Hello folks,
could you please tell me if endpoint for character mounts collection does work ? So far I just made some tests on Blizzard website.
It’s fine if I use Character Collections API - response is 200 and I’ve got 3 links but with the same data provided for mounts it returns with 404.

In my application I would like to display all mounts which specific character got but looks like it won’t happen if the API is giving no results.

They should work, however people reported some cases when a character is inactive for some time then you might get a 404 or 403 response on some character specific data. You might wanna try signing the character in and out of the game to see if it helps.

Another possible scenario is when the player disabled the option to share data with 3rd party apps on the battle.net account, since you could call the character collections API I guess it is not the case.


Thanks for information however it didn’t solve the problem.
As particular example I’m testing on my own character:

:region eu
{realmSlug} burning-legion
{characterName} elpurrpuro
namespace profile-eu
locale en_GB

Works very well for Character Raids but for Character Mounts Collection Summary is still 404

So the data should be available

Do you by chance have the privacy setting enabled in your account settings to not share data with 3rd parties?

That is certainly an unexpected behavior. I just tested with my own character and everything works fine, but your character does not.

However when I query your character profile summary, the last_login_timestamp field returns 1592901064000 which translates to Tuesday, June 23, 2020 8:31:04 AM (a month ago).

If you did in fact sign in and out of the game since then it is in fact a bug and you should probably report this over the API bug report forum with this information.