WOW51900319 You have been disconnected from the server

I can not log in on any server and any toon. I see my toon selection screen for a split second then get kicked off. I have completed all the steps on here that I can and still get the same issue for several hours now. I have changed my FPS, hard wired in and flushed my DNS. Nothing is fixing it.


I’m having the same issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

Lots of people are having the problem, folks. Several threads on it right now. Appears to be a server related issue. Blizzard has posted some links to it on Twitter:

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I’ve been experiencing the same thing for the past 3 hours. But I’m curious on what’s going on cause a big majority of my raid group are doing just fine and doing the raid with no issue. But for some reason I’m the only one having this issue in the group.

Right, so I believe (from my knowledge of servers, housing, etc.) it’s based on select users/locations and “date of creation” and their inability to login, which is why the isolated cases.

This is just my hypothesis.

That’s all nice to post it on twitter, but for the rest of us, an update on our log in screen would be much more appreciated! All of the rest of my guild is on playing, and i’m the only one left out with the error code popping up! it is SO FRUSTRATING!


Missed raid night thanks to this failed
problem. Im only one with this dam problem in my guild. Better be loot in my mail box. Waste of time.

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yep. I am in the same boat…disappointed…

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I hope this issue is taken care of soon. I am tired of having to wait to play because of RL but to have blizz block me as well sucks.

Just tried to login and got the same fiasco yippee

why is this still going on? Had this problem last night and now it continues into the morning??? a good thing today isn’t the start of anything or anything right?


GREAT PAYING for a game i can not logon too…

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Two other PC’s in my house can log on fine. One of the PC’s is an exact twin of mine. No bueno for me.

I’m in the exact same boat, guild started raid… actually as we speak and I’m left out looks like the only one that cant log on in my entire guild very disappointing. actually hope we get some sort of compensation what a massive let down, when i have been so excited all day.


I am having the same problem as everyone else ,I can not play my game and this has been going on for hours, this does not make me happy with Blizzard , please get to the problem here and fix it/

For what it’s worth, I’m having the same issue. I just resubbed on an alt account of mine (my main and alt have been inactive for a couple years at this point), dunno if this is relevant at all. I haven’t been able to log in once since resubbing which kind of sucks :frowning:

Having the same issue WOW51900319. So other than wait (been ~10 hours already), what is going on?

Temp fix here:

Tambem estou com o mesmo problema, desde ontem a noite não consigo logar. Segui todas as recomendações e nada. Tentei novamente esta manhã, e o mesmo erro WOW51900319 …

Having the same issue myself all night anyonw at blizzard figure this out yet?