WOW51900319 Error? READ HERE FOR FIX

Hey Folks,

I can’t take credit for this but came across a fix on Twitter. COPY someone’s WORKING CACHE Folder in wow.

This is found typically by navigating to:
C:\World of Warcraft_retail_\Cache

OVERWRITE your cache file by someone’s working cache file.


Uh, where do you find a working cache file?

Thank you this worked for me my partner sent me her cache and It let me straight in.

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I would also like to know where to find a working cache file/directory. Looks like they’re performing resets early in the morning. Dang.

A working cache file comes from someone with a cache folder that is obviously working and playing the game. :slight_smile:

Yes, would be nice to get one right about now.

this worked for me. thanks!

Moderator Note: This thread has been locked as the reported issue has been resolved.