WOW51900319 error disconnect

OK tech support,
I see quite a few people with the same problem. I have followed all steps in making sure things run smooth yet I still get disconnected with the same error every time for no apparent reason. Simple questing will kick me out. Any resolution on this matter. How can one play if game doesnt work properly. FIX IT.


Same Problem. Chat is still running. Problem varies from short to longer lags, sometimes with disconnect with error message WOW51900319. I had my system cleand, a lot of backgroundprocesses stopped in Task-Manager i had not dreamed of they would still run. Had an eye on ressources-Manager ans see no suspicious acrivity on my System. Single user in my network, 50k-Internet with good connection. Sometimes for hours no or only small problems, but than a lot of discos in an hour, than again few problems.

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