(WOW51900319) Can't Connect to Servers

I’ve been locked out for 5 days now and nothing from Blizzard. My ticket was marked as answered and after I reopened it… silence. I’ve contacted them 5 times now and no response.

I just bought a new computer. Installed WoW fresh 4 days ago. I was able to log in and had no issues. I traveled to the west coast. I tried loggin in and as soon as it loads my character list, I’m disconnected (WOW51900328). All realms are online. What could be causing this??

For the love of god after 17 years of updating and expansions why in the hell cant you guys get it right. Have you ever thought of stress testing the patch,update or expansion before releasing it. Meanwhile we your paying customers are left here to wonder what is going on. You claim it’s something to do with authentication server NEWS FLASH leave a working component alone or are you all so inept or stupid to do that. We pay good money and have to sit here and wait How about a free month of service

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same issue to me i don’t know what to do