(WOW51900319) Can't Connect to Servers

(WOW51900319) Can’t Connect to Servers
Receiving this error after being booted so is my friend, I imagine it’s a world wide Server outage. But can’t find any updates or see any alerts about this.

Edit: Now receiving (WOW51900324) Error “Unable to Connect” Telling me to contact technical support. :upside_down_face:


Having this SAME issue. Multiple boots, says it is trying to connect, then open realms list…then no realms available and then get booted again. WTH Bliz?


FINALLY after about 15 minutes of trying to connect, it now brings up the realm list - and they’re ALL offline. Crap. Might as well go to bed early tonight…

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Mine had a random instance reboot, with only a 5 minute warning, nothing posted about a sudden reboot- I got disconnected stuck in there. *No realms available

Even it opens the entire list of realms and even the realms with no scheduled maintenance appear offline :confused:

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On Realm selection, it is showing all servers are offline. Don’t know what is going on, but its a bummer!

Same here, crash ?
Having the same issue, connect log enough to grab a mail item, booted with error code, several times.

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yup. No realms available on ANY server - world wide, looks like.

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almost 15 minutes ago now, they had a “server shut down” count down happen. mid count down my screen would freeze and would not respond to common keybinds i had on my keyboard. it came back shortly, but the count down skipped all over the place. servers shut down, no notifications on blizzard site, twitter, or fourms. all realms are down.
i know maintenance is tomorrow, but really? did you all press the button early, or did you trip over the cord?


LOL so much for getting your moneys worth of the game, been happening to much. Think it is time to find a fun game .

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I never got a countdown or a server shutdown notice. Just froze up and booted. Three times before it shut down completely.

Hopefully it’s not an attack, or a hack.


It should already be F2P even if the expansions charge

I noticed the count down, but as i said the count town itself was at 15:00minutes but then skipped to 5minutes… which was very odd, my screen froze in between those times. which is probably why yours froze up. still no updates. do they even notice???

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I’m gonna go out on a limb and say maybe it’s the same issue as Friday night… hopefully at 20 min all-realms reboot will fix things like it did a few days ago :crossed_fingers:

I think they noticed…but have done the tech equivalent of putting all the phone lines on “hold” so they don’t get blasted with calls…till they can find an excuse and put forth an estimate of down time.

all realms are live!!!


Same here, I hope Blizzard is working on the problem!

They don’t seem to be… I’m still down… in an endless loop of update and “Whoops looks like something broke!”

I was having the same issues earlier seems to be fixed