WoW wont update: Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000840

Hello, today for some reason after work I tried to log on to WoW via the launcher as per usual, and it tells me I need to update, no big deal so I begin updating and then it just stops at 74% downloaded and gives me error code ’ Error Code : BLZBNTAGT00000840’

I’ve tried all of the recommended solutions from the linked Help page when this error message pops up, and it finally directed me here. Anyone having this problem? It simply wont update, I’m out of idea. Help plz and TIA

Hi, Same thing happening for me. Normally my system is set to update automatically but this morning its sitting waiting for me to select update. When I do it starts and then give the same [BLZBNTAGT00000840] error. Tried everything and have a good connection that I have been playing on for the last 5 days. It feels like the game is looking for an update that isn’t there?

me two, no reply visable