WoW Services return 404 altough there's data

Hello there,

I’m having a lot of 404 (not found) response for some services especially about guild profile, guild achievements and guild roster. But 404 errors start to popup after a while when service processes some guilds. So what I guess is that it’s about request limits/ratio and some firewall rule may return 404 instead of returning 429 (Too Many Requests). This response is impacting the service quality and since I cannot get 429 response service cannot throttle down.

Waiting for your response, thank you…

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I am having a similar issue. For me, even endpoints such as /status are sporadically returning 404, when the characters exist (and haven’t disabled third-party apps). This is a major concern for me, since the Blizzard API states “A client should delete information about a character from their application if any of the following conditions occur: an HTTP 404 Not Found error is returned”

So my code is deleting characters from my database each time it runs across these 404 errors. If anybody from Blizzard could investigate, it would be greatly appreciated.

If the characters haven’t rejected third-party apps this is could be irritating.

Could we potentially have the requirement to delete information “softened” ever so slightly to 404s must persist over 24 hours, or return an ununused HTTP code when the account is effectively “private”. 404 seems error prone.


I’ve been experiencing the same problem with my app. Not knowing what is the cause of the 404 error makes for poor user experience as we can’t convey them the proper message/solution for users that want to access their information.

Giving them some general information about account privacy and/or how to troubleshoot the issues without knowing what is the real cause just make users abandon the app instead.

I’ve been experiencing this as well. It’s random, and honestly it feels almost like there’s a bad server in a load balanced setup. I had to add retry logic (up to 5 times) to my app to work around it (though sometimes still I win the lottery and get 5 404’s in a row), but it greatly reduced my failures. But as others noted, technically we’re supposed to delete the data when we get the 404, and I’ve seen this first hand cause issues on other sites.

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Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. We have finally isolated the issue causing the intermittent 404s, and this should no longer be a problem. If you see any further similar behavior, please reach out. Thank you for your patience and assistance.