WoW SectionListHeaderTemplate

With the new frame types and options for the updated settings list items. Everything seems to work fine except for “SettingsListSectionHeaderTemplate”. Adding the header and initializing it causes a taint on the options menu “OnCommit” when changing a setting not related to the AddOn. You can see this in my AddOn “Uber UI” the I have fixed it in the latest release by not using the section header and instead using a subcategory.

example: Open options menu, AddOn options have section header in options menu to separate category, in the exact same way it is done in blizzard code. When saving a keybind change, something not related to the AddOn and closing the options menu an error occurs referencing the menu toggling OnCommit, SpellStopCasting().

This doesn’t really affect much, settings still save fine, but it’s annoying.